Burial Information

If you need immediate attention for burial Janaza Arrangement please contact :

Imam Hammad El-Ameen (706) 459-1010

Amel Razic (423) 987-2432

Total Expenses Estimates:

Using Taylor Funeral Home: Price is determined by Taylor Funeral Home.

  • Burial Box : $250
  • Frank : $200
  • Grave : $500
Please see the link below for the ICC Cemetery Bylaws/Burial Request Form

Bylaws/Burial Request Form


ISGC welcomes guest to attend the weekly sermon every Friday at 2:00pm

If you plan to visit ISGC, please email in advance

Please provide number in your party.

Suggested arrival time is 1:45pm

Dress code:
  • Dress code is casual/modest (no shorts please)
  • Head Cover is needed for ladies when entering the prayer hall.