YOU ARE INVITED TO EVENT AT ISGC CENTER: Date: Friday June 13th, 2014 Place: at ISGC Center, Guest Speaker: Brother Mohamed-Shukri Hassan Executive Director of the American Muslim Advisory Council (A.M.A.C.)
Potluck: Please bring 2 cover dishes (one for brothers' side and one for sisters' side). Pizza will be provided for kids. Dinner served at 7:00PM - Lecture starts at 8:00PM - Maghrib Prayer at 9:00PM
Guest speaker will also be giving Jumaa Khutba at ISGC center on the same day. ISGC BOARD

Our Project

Please help us complete our Community Center Project. We Need Your Help, Please Contact Us Today.

If you like to make a donation, please contact us at (423) 760 2134 or you can mail your check payable to "Islamic Society Of Greater Chattanooga" to: P.O. Box 16161, Chattanooga, TN 37416.

Donation form:

Our Project features:

  1. Full-Time School that will provide:
    1. - A safe Islamic Environment
    2. - High quality education
    3. - Strong Islamic studies
    4. - Arabic language program
    5. - Physical education and Sports program
    6. - Affordable fee structure
    7. - Highly qualified and dedicated Staff
  2. Masjid adjacent to the School
Final floor plan for the Islamic Center


The Islamic Center